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PaintForce is a unique matchmaking platform for successful painting projects !
Estimate the cost and duration of your project then meet the best painters available. Discover our management tool to exchange with your craftsman, pay your invoices and follow the progress of your work!

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Get an immediate estimate of the cost and duration of your painting project.

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Once your painter is chosen and your estimate is validated, we facilitate your exchanges for a better collaboration throughout the project.

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All you have to do is enjoy the result and evaluate the performance of your craftsman!

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Discover PaintForce, and experience your painting jobs in a new way.
Our tool is first and foremost a solution for painters. Thanks to digital technology, they can gain in efficiency, productivity and professionalism. But all this is also beneficial for you! Clear and transparent estimates, updated schedules and regular monitoring of the execution of tasks, instant messaging ...
With PaintForce, your craftsman provides you with a collaborative and secure project space through which you can manage your work with complete peace of mind. Focus on the essential: the decoration of your dreams!

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